Our Team of Skilled Real Estate Professionals

Eric C

Eric Cichon

Co Founder

After graduating with honors and spending over a decade in the medical device industry, co founder and CEO Eric Cichon set his sights on real estate investing. His passion for real estate began at an early age when his father introduced him to the benefits by buying a condo and becoming a property manager.

In the years that followed, Eric’s knowledge of the real estate market grew and so did his drive to succeed. In 2015, Eric teamed up with Fortune Builders, the premier real estate education company in the country, founded by nationally recognized real estate investors.


Narcis Etem

Co Founder

Narcis came to America in 2005 from Romania. Upon completing High School, Narcis began working in the restaurant industry. Her work ethic and people skills attracted the attention of the owners who promoted her to manager in a short period of time. A year later she became the regional manager responsible for multiple restaurants. Her management skills grew as did the urge to pursue real estate.

In 2016 Narcis invested in her real estate education and join Fortune Builders, the leading real estate investor education program in the country. Narcis and her husband have successfully renovated dozens of homes in the Greater Hartford area as well as Rhode Island. The quality of her work has been noticed by the community which has allowed her the opportunity to work as a respected independent contractor.